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Cindy Portrait I’ve been part of the Intensive Care Unit at Lancaster General Hospital as a housekeeper for 12 years. I’m committed to ensuring every room is perfect for the next patient and that the patient and their family’s needs are met.

This is how I live my legacy.
My heart is in everything that I do at Lancaster General Health. Whether I am cleaning patient rooms in the ICU, getting an open heart surgery room ready or helping with a stretcher, I am committed to doing my job with energy and passion.

I’m living my legacy by training the future.
Work ethic is very important to me and I hope it is part of my legacy. When I train others, I make sure they follow proper ICU protocols, whether it be infection control, handling sharp boxes or making bathrooms spotless. Throughout the training process, I enjoy forming a connection with new employees since we are a team that works close together.

My commitment to my patients and my coworkers is my legacy.
I look at my job as more than the many housekeeping duties I perform. I support people in times of need, whether it be patients, families, physicians, nurses or fellow LG Health employees. Sometimes I offer encouraging words, a smile, or a pocket angel – a tradition I started years ago – to brighten someone’s day. I live my legacy through my heart, how I feel about my job and through the people I impact.

Honored for my contributions.
Supporting patients and families has led to special connections beyond my role at LG Health. I have been asked by patients to come to their churches to speak and to sing the songs that I sang for them when they were in the ICU. I’ve sung at funerals for patient families who have lost loved ones. I am proud to touch many lives and to represent what LG Health is all about.

And the employees at LG Health are incredibly special. The Nursing department at Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) recognized my commitment with a special Magnet award, a recognition typically reserved for nursing, even though I am not a nurse. I was so honor to receive this award because, to me, it meant LG Health values my contributions and those of the entire housekeeping staff.