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Amanda Portrait For me, living my legacy is all about being the best person I can be. At the end of my career, I want to know that I put 100 percent into every day and made an impact. 

This is how I live my legacy. 
Living my legacy isn’t all about me, it’s how I interact and find success with my team members. I work with my team to advance our culture of safety with medication management – enabling our patients to live meaningful, fulfilling lives. As a team, we support one another, we bounce ideas around and use data to measure how we’re doing, always striving to set the gold standard in managing medications. 

My best shines through by fostering a culture of safety. 
Receiving support from senior leaders and my coworkers is really important to me. LG Health motivates me to keep thinking of new ideas and to keep pushing myself to new heights. I was proud to receive the 2018 Pharmacist of the Year Award from the Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists. A recognition that was made possible thanks to the continual support I have to grow and develop my own skills. LG Health has helped me grow to the leader I am today. 

I’m living my legacy by creating progress in the community. 
LG Health and all of us on the team have an incredible commitment to the community. Being completely immersed in the community and always seeking newer and improved solutions show that we are always looking to improve and provide patients with the best possible outcomes. 

I’m proud to live my legacy at LG Health. 
I don’t view my legacy as something personal. It’s not about me, it’s about keeping our patients safe and advancing the pharmacy services we provide to enhance the lives of all we serve.